To retain your certification, you will have to earn and submit CPE credits during the two year certification period in order to renew.

CECI – 30 CPE Credits
CCP – 30 CPE Credits
COSINT – 25 CPE Credits
CASIP – 30 CPE Credits
CPCI– 30 CPE Credits
CCIP – 25 CPE Credits
CCII – 20 CPE Credits
SMIA – 15 CPE Credits
CCFI – 20 CPE Credits
CDCI- 25 CPE Credits
CCTA – 25 CPE Credits
CORCI – 20 CPE Credits
CTFI – 25 CPE Credits
WVTS – 18 CPE Credits
CSMIE- 30 CPE Credits
CFHI- 15 CPE Credits
CEFI – 15 CPE Credits
CHTI – 25 CPE Credits
CEL – 20 CPE Credits

For individuals who hold multiple certifications, the CPE hours earned for attending another board certification may be applied toward their required CPE hours for the first certification earned. In other words, if a practicing individual holds both the CECI and CPCI, and completes 30 hours of training related to fraud and investigations, those hours can be used to satisfy the CPE requirements for both the CECI and CPCI.

More information regarding educational program criteria, how CPE hours are measured, acceptable curriculum, and other activities for which certified individuals can earn CPE hours are provided in the section below on Qualifying CPE Activities.

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