One of the most common ways certified individuals earn CPE hours is by completing educational programs. In fact, certified individuals may earn all of their required biennial CPE hours by attending such programs.

Therefore, the McAfee Institute has established criteria to ensure that educational programs maintain a high standard of quality. For a CPE program to be deemed acceptable by the McAfee Institute, it must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Be a formal program of learning that contributes directly to the professional competence of the certified individual.
  • Clearly state program objectives, which specify the level of knowledge the participants should have attained, or the level of competence to be demonstrated upon completion of the program.
  • Clearly state education or experience prerequisites, if appropriate for the program.
  • Be developed by individuals who are qualified in the subject matter and instructional design.
  • Provide current program content.
  • Provide evidence of program completion or participation and the appropriate number of CPE hours earned (e.g., a certificate of completion).

The McAfee Institute recognizes the following professional education and development programs as meeting the aforementioned criteria:

  • Seminars and conferences provided by national, state, or local law enforcement, fraud, loss prevention, or similar investigative or intelligence-based organizations.
  • Technical sessions at meetings of national/federal, state, or local law enforcement, fraud, loss prevention, or similar investigative or intelligence-based chapters (e.g., training provided during a McAfee Institute event).
  • Formal in-house training programs that meet the aforementioned educational program requirements.
  • Relevant industry-specific educational programs provided by other professional organizations or societies.
  • College or university courses enrolled in and passed (credit and noncredit courses with C grade or better) after successful completion of our certification programs are eligible for CPE.
  • Formal correspondence and self-study programs relevant to intelligence and or investigations that meet program criteria, including evidence of completion.

So let’s outline some examples of how this works in the real world and how it applies to you earning CPE credits for these areas.

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