Every board-certified professional with the McAfee Institute has to earn continuing professional’s education (CPE) credits to maintain their M.I. Certifications.

For every online course or certification, you take with the McAfee Institute, you will receive a certificate of completion indicating the title of the program, delivery format, practice area and the number of CPE credits earned. The McAfee Institute is a provider on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors with NASBA. The purpose of requiring ongoing CPE of our certification holders is to ensure our board-certified professionals remain knowledgeable about the current industry developments. CPE requirements can be fulfilled by attending conference calls, seminars, webinars and industry conventions, and through self-study. You have to keep CPE certificates and attendance files and the McAfee Institute may verify the CPE credit compliance at any time.

It is a significant achievement to qualify and study for a board certification with the McAfee Institute. It’s a tough task to complete and one that you should be very proud of upon completion. However, once certification is obtained, you must remain competitive and knowledgeable to bring value to the industry as a leader.

As per the CPE Policies and Guidelines, there are distinct instructions for necessary CPE activities and requirements which you must uphold over the two-year period to your renewal.

There are clear overviews of the various activities that count for CPE credits. Therefore, you must follow proper CPE credit guidelines to accurately calculate your CPE credits. It is important to understand that, to enhance professional development, it is essential to know the types of CPE credits you require and which activities can give you CPE credits on your regular day-to-day performance.

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